Brave Soul

You can do anything.

My wishes for you today — boldness, confidence, grace.

My darling canaries~

You can do anything.

And your life is divinely blessed, like a sunflower reaching up to allow the sunlight to grace her face.

You can do anything. And all that you desire to create and be is for a reason.

When you write, you let freedom flow through your fingertips. And that freedom has the power to open Heaven’s door.

One could even say that that IS Heaven’s door.

As you create from the heart, you allow a wellspring of knowledge to bubble up to the surface…sometimes with insights and information you didn’t even realize you had within you.

What a treasure it is to be one with the inspired ideas and creations that come to you —

You can do anything that you put your mind to…

Or perhaps I should say, put your heart to. 🙂

Because your heart is one of the most wondrous creators there is.

Allow yourself to be in the wondrous flow of whatever it is you are creating.

Whether is it a simple journal prompt, or a bit of poetry that comes to you as you’re sitting outside, gazing across your backyard…

THIS is the infinite space through which creativity is born.

And all human beings are creative.

How could we not be?

We were created by a creator and we were destined to create.

As part of Creation, we too create, with every thought and deed, word and breath.

The breath is what gives wings to our dreams and lets our hopes soar high up in the sky — like a bluebird, or a dove…or an eagle soaring with the tops of the trees.

What type of bird do you feel like today?

What energy resonates with you the most?

Now imagine that you are this bird, about to tackle the events of your day…

How would this bird respond?

Who would she be? What would she do?

What energy do you feel as you see her flying in your mind’s eye?

You have this same freedom within you, and it’s singing–

I can do anything!

And I’d love to hear in the comments below, what helps your heart feel like singing?

How did you like the bird visualization exercise? What did you find or discover imagining yourself as a bird?

Sending you much love & many blessings always,


You can do anything

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