Brave Soul

The girl in the coffee shop.

She sits, on a small bench with a little patch of sunshine shining through.

She sits with her journal, with her cup of Chai — and she reflects.

Thinking about her life, her loss, pondering all the moments gone by. Wondering about her future, wondering what it will be, what it will bring — more fearful now than ever before. But she doesn’t know this. She just sips her tea, and she writes what she’s grateful for.


She always focuses on the light, you see. Always focused on bringing in positivity, harmony — grace. She’s convinced it can always be found, and she finds little bits of it everywhere.

In fact, it is one of her strengths.


It’s one of the things others admire about her. But what she doesn’t yet know, is it is in part, a challenge, that one day she’ll overcome.


To face her fears, her sorrow and tears — the despair so heavy and alone.


And that she’ll rise again, her face in the sun. One day walking back into that very same coffee shop, this time ordering water instead of tea, and a healthy bar instead of the chocolate scotcharoo.


A girl brave with new understanding.

A girl with new tenderness she never could have foreseen.

And this tenderness gives her strength.

This tenderness gives her fire.


From this tenderness a new life is born. One that honors her every need.

And with this her life expands, into a beautiful expression of grace — filled with joy, and laughter … and the smiles of dreams coming true.


There’s nothing like the feeling of a dream coming true.

And this girl, yes this girl — she lives for it.


The feeling of accomplishment, the knowing she’s helped.

It puts a smile on her face and helps her relax with ease — or she jumps up with a scream and a shout, thrilled by the very experience of being alive.


She is worthy. She doesn’t always see it.

But just wait — you’ll see her shine.


And her shining will set the world aglow — and in it you’ll find, you know,

That you’re just a masterpiece in shining also, who out of fear or shame is hidden…


And you’ll find the courage, little by little, to take off your mask and reveal —

The angel that lives inside

To spread her wings and fly


Leaving raindrops of love and rose petals of joy.

Blessing every soul you meet.


the girl in the coffee shop.png

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