Book Visioning · Writing as Healing

The Art of Book Visioning

You want to write a book.

You can feel a deep longing, and maybe even have an idea for a message or story that you’d love to share with the world.

You want to help others.

You want your story to help support them on their own path in a way that you would have loved to experience yourself.

You want to make a difference with your story — with your experiences, your wisdom.

But you’re not quite sure how.

It begins with reclaiming the power of your voice.

Of connecting with the knowing deep within that your words are here to change the world. Even if that means beginning with just one person at a time.

Connecting with your inner voice begins by allowing your own experiences and perspectives to shape you, change you, grow you, and help you to become the person you want to become…

The person who has written her book.

The woman who has shared her story with the world, and who watches as her words ripple out to make a difference in the lives of people she may never meet.

Hi, I’m Caitlin.

And I love helping women connect to and reclaim the power of their own voices through writing.

If you have a story you want to tell, and you’re feeling an inkling, an urge, or even a mad desire to write…

Then this is for you!

Right now I’m offering free Book Visioning sessions, where we’ll hop on the phone together and I’ll help you tap into the vision, the feeling and the essence of the book that is wanting to be written through you.

Sound good?

Because you know it’s not just about writing a book. It’s about writing the book that wants to be written.

It’s about telling the story your heart wants to tell.

This is deep work, from the inside-out. And I’d love to help you get started!

Join me and let’s create a vision for your book, starting right where you are, today. 

Whether your ideas only live in your head and your heart, whether you’ve written drafts,

or tinkered with ideas —

whether you have piles of pages with notes, or just an empty document on your computer you wish that you could fill…

I’d love to talk with you.

Join me. And let’s do this. 🙂

Schedule your 45 minute session, free of charge, here: 

I’m not here to try to fix you, or change you. I’m not here to stir up trouble and then tell you I’ve got a magic solution.

I’m here to listen.

I’m here to help you navigate and explore — to discover the book that is wanting to be born through your heart.

Because I believe it is pure magic, dear one. It is pure power. And I believe it is here to change the world.

Let’s get started.

Schedule your session and let’s get you on the path to writing the book your heart wants to write that will help others and serve the world.

Much love to you,

Now and always.