Welcome 2

Hi, my name is Caitlin and I’m so very glad you’ve found your way to this site…

I believe that you’re here for a reason and I am so honored to welcome you, sending a loving embrace of heartfelt love to surround you.


I’ve created a loving program for those dealing with grief or loss called, The Heart-Mending Wordsmith.

It is a program I designed after piecing together a process that helped to support me in healing, finding a way through my grief after losing my dad to terminal brain cancer.

I have returned back to the process again and again in various different ways over the years when I’ve felt struck with other deeply devastating losses in my life…

This is why I call it a Signature Program.

It bears my unique signature of what has worked for me in my own life, combining my own love and gifts for writing, teaching (I was an elementary teacher :)), and coaching.

It is a unique blend that I believe can be of great service and I’d love to share it with you.

You can learn more of the details about it here and I’d love to welcome you into the fold, either in a Group Program or in a series of One-On-One coaching Sessions with me.

Or if you’d like to jump in On Your Own, there is an individual option available as well where you can get started right away.

Whatever path you choose, I hope you’ll stick around for all of the loving insights I have to share on my blog for you as well…may they be of service in every way, and supportive in whatever way you most need right now.

You can learn more about the program below.

There will also be some free resources available soon via the Free Resources tab!

May your heart sing and show you the way, and guide you clearly as to whether or not this individual, group, or one-on-one coaching program might be just the burst of fresh air you need right now.

Let me know! (You can learn more about the program here.)

And again, I’m so glad you’re here.

Much love, always,