Signature Program

The Heart-Mending Wordsmith

Got grief?
Or ever experienced it?

A sense of shock that feels like a haze you just can’t find a way through.

An invisible curtain seems to appear in front of you when you talk with others.

crying spell so intense that you feel you’ve never cried so hard in your whole life, all the while feeling your throat tighten as if you’re literally about to be sick. 

If you have lost someone close to you, you can probably see yourself in at least one of these experiences…or so many more that are unique to you.

Grief sucks.  Whether you’ve been on its roller coaster ride for less than a year or more than five, I’m glad you’re hereI know the road; it has been eight years since I lost my dad and I’ve experienced several other significant losses since then as well.

Grief is like walking along a distant island, at night, pitch black, without any power…and nothing to guide you but the moon and the stars, and the distant crashing of waves along the shore…

Learning to listen closely so you don’t fall off the edge of the cliff.

Right now it feels impossible. But I promise you…with your senses heightened, and your openness and willingness to explore, to see what your heart wants to share…

You will become stronger.

You will become braver…even though, whether you realize it or not, you absolutely already ARE.

You are already so much more brave than a million souls can recognize.

Your light, the light that shines within you in this distant darkness is stronger than any obstacle this darkness can throw at you.

So that’s why I want to share my story with you.

As part of a writing course for educators I took a few years ago, our final project was to share a final draft of a narrative written on a topic of our choice.   I felt a pull to write mine about my dad.  The creative process provided me refuge.  Emotions erupting like lava from a volcano combined with the action of writing turned out to have serious healing power. 

On the last day of class, as I read my narrative aloud, I saw the way my words stirred emotion in each of my classmates, several of them with tears filling and falling from their eyes.

I felt empowered to have created something that could authentically express a sliver of my experience.  And in the end, I realized that it didn’t matter if anyone ever read what I’d written not, that going through the writing process had been just for me.

This inspired me to put together some reflections and activities from my writing practice to share with you.  

And it is part of a course I designed called The Heart-Mending Wordsmith.

Imagine what it would be like to be part of an online community where you have the freedom to express yourself with people who can empathize.

How would it feel to create something meaningful that represents the significance of your experience?

That’s what we do in The Heart-Mending Wordsmith, an 8-week guided writing experience.  Consider it an invitation to do a little writing just for you.

All of the writing experiences fit together to help you create a narrative about your loved one.  Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences and get support in a private Facebook group along the way.

Whether you just want something uplifting to read once a week, want to jot down a few of your thoughts, or want to dive all the way in and create a masterpiece, I’d love to walk with you, encourage you with compassion, and guide you in a series of writing experiences that will help bring creativity, healing, and inspiration to your journey.

I’d love to have you along for the adventure!

Much love and many blessings to you,


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Why this program?

As I mentioned, this is a program I designed after piecing together a process that helped to support me in healing, finding a way through my grief after losing my dad to terminal brain cancer.

I have returned back to the process again and again in various different ways over the years when I’ve felt struck with other deeply devastating losses in my life…

This is why I call it a Signature Program.

It bears my unique signature of what has worked for me in my own life, combining my own love and gifts for writing, teaching (I was an elementary teacher :)), and coaching.

It is a unique blend that I believe can be of great service and I’d love to share it with you.

I’d love to welcome you into the fold, either in a Group Program that is starting this spring (whenever we have a group together) or in a series of One-On-One coaching Sessions with me.

Or if you’d like to jump in on your own, there is an Individual option available as well where you can purchase the program content and get started right away.

Whatever path you choose, I hope you’ll stick around for all of the loving insights I have to share on my blog for you as well…may they be of service in every way, and supportive in whatever way you most need right now.

May your heart sing and show you the way, and guide you clearly as to whether or not this individual, group, or one-on-one coaching program might be just the burst of fresh air you need right now.

Let me know!

And again, I’m so glad you’re here.

Much love, always,


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Which path feels most aligned for you…

A) INDIVIDUAL — Go for the Original

You get:

  • 8 weekly lessons with writing exercises and worksheets
  • Email support

More details on this option.

B) GROUP — Join the Inner Circle

You get:

  • 8 weekly lessons with writing exercises and worksheets
  • Email support


  • 8 weekly LIVE coaching calls (Each Thursday: April 25th-June 13th)
  • Access to a Members Only Facebook group

More details on this option.

{limited space available}


You get:

  • 8 weekly lessons with writing exercises and worksheets
  • Email support
  • 8 weekly LIVE coaching calls
  • Access to a Members Only Facebook group


  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with me
  • A free Grief Support Journal created just for you

More details on this option.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll uncover each week:

Introduction: Writer’s Oath

Create your very own intention and purpose statement for the course: your promises to your self. Acknowledge what you’d like to give yourself permission for, and what you’d like to heal, create, or release throughout the course of the program.

This sets the stage for all that will unfold and is one of the most magical parts of the journey. (And freeing, too!)

Week 1: Letters without Limits

Allow your heart to be freed and expressed, with any feelings or thoughts that need to get out. Nourish yourself with the power of your own love and find strength to move forward into the process.

Week 2: Whimsical Quick Writes

Discover the power of letting go of perfection to allow your heart to flow onto the page. See the magic that is born with a special exercise to create something stunning and beautiful, in just minutes!

Week 3: Fun with Feelings

Take your current way of looking at feelings and flip it on it’s head with this creative way of approaching and gaining insight from your feelings and emotions.

Week 4: Dynamic Descriptions

Learn how the symbols of your story may have deeper significance than you realize. Dive into playing with what they mean and allow your heart and story to shine because of your discoveries.

Week 5: The Power of Purpose

What is at the heart of your story? Discovering this will help you to infuse that larger purpose into every nook and cranny of your story, celebrating it’s significance in your own personal story and life.

Week 6: The Scenes of Your Story

Learn how to set your story in scenes, that help to ground and anchor the wisdom that you share within your story, and all that it truly means within your heart.

Week 7: Recognize and Release

Allow for the acknowledgement of all that you have been through within these exercises, and how it informs the story you tell. Be prepared to help free yourself from the long held burdens within your heart.

Week 8: Shine it up and Share

Allow your masterpiece to shine and celebrate all you’ve created and everything you’ve learned throughout the course. I’m so proud of you already, and I know you will be, too!

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Much love, and abundant blessings to you always,