The Christmas letter.

It was the first Christmas that my dad would not be with us.  He wouldn’t be there to make us laugh with goofy stories and facial expressions.  He wouldn’t be there to blink in irritation as travel plans went awry.  He wouldn’t be there to help me design my annual gingerbread house.  And he wouldn’t… Continue reading The Christmas letter.


The thing that changes everything.

I woke up one morning feeling so special.  Not in an arrogant, better-than-everyone-else sort of way in which this statement might normally be taken, but in a genuine awareness of how special we all are.  You.  Me.  Everyone. And it is this deepening awareness that so strongly makes me feel the need to tell you so. You… Continue reading The thing that changes everything.

Brave Soul

The power of connection in grief and loss.

When I lost my dad, I didn’t feel I could connect with other people my age anymore… What did other 20 year old's know about caring for and helping to support a dying parent after college? Everyone else was off living their dreams… While I was stuck in a grief that it felt no one… Continue reading The power of connection in grief and loss.