The Sunday Post: You are enough.

Hello, beautiful souls,

I’m going to play with offering a Sunday Post. An email or blog post of inspired goodness for you each week, something to help lift you up and hopefully feel less alone.

I love Sunday’s. They are so quiet.

And today we had the privilege of some sunlight peeking through after the rain, so I got to see one of my favorite things…

Leaves with water droplets on them, glistening in the sunshine! All different shapes and sizes and colors, all shining in different and unique ways depending on their size and shape, the way that the sunlight passes through…just like our great big Human Family.

May you be wrapped in love as you read through today’s Post:


Walking towards the sunlight in the rain is hard…


It’s muddy and mucky and ucky and sometimes we can wonder if we’re ever going to get there.

But I have hope for you today…

Because each step we take MATTERS.


Every step we take towards the light, and all that brings us happiness and peace and joy, COUNTS.

It counts for something.

It counts for EVERYTHING.


So I’d like to share with you, these video clips from the Lion King.

Watch The Circle of Life all the way to the end and see that sunlight streaming through.


And then, watch at the end, where he returns to the land he once knew, shattered, tattered, shamed and destroyed.


It’s like this for each of us, the shame and pain, the anguish we feel within our own hearts. (And in our world)

And to make our way to the bright shining sun of restoration we so adore, and desire and deserve, we have to be willing to take those first few steps…

To climb that rock in the rain.

To remember WHO WE ARE. And know that IT IS TIME.


May you remember who you are,

the light of your being,


and just like the light of the stars

shining through


you’re enough, you’re enough, you’re enough.


And in this enoughness, you

are ALWAYS worthy of taking

steps in the rain to help you get closer and closer

to the light.


This week’s journal prompt is:

What helps you remember that you are enough?


I’d love to hear in the comments below, so we can create a beautiful collection of loving ideas for everyone.


And in the meantime, may you be so infinitely, and abundantly blessed.


Much love to you always,



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