Heart-Mending Wordsmith Program

Welcome to the Heart-Mending Wordsmith Program!

I’m so glad you decided to purchase and invest in yourself in this way. You are SO worth the gifts of healing and love, comfort and joy that are here for you now.

May you be surrounded in so much love as you go through the program.

Reach out any step of the way.

{If you signed up for additional support with the Group Program or One-On-One Coaching, you’ll receive an email shortly with your invitation to the Private Facebook Group and your next steps.}

Here are my tips & suggestions for this program:

  1. Go slow, take your time. Really allow yourself to soak in all that each lesson from the course has for you.
  2. Skip around if you’d like! If you sit down one day and feel inspired to write letters, then write some letters…if you feel drawn to some of the deeper dive work of releasing trauma and regret, then allow yourself to wade in gently in whatever way works for you.
  3. This is YOUR program – so you get to design it for yourself along the way however you choose.
  4. The lessons DO go in a sequence to support writing a narrative…but consider, based on your intention you set at the beginning, what might work best for you.
  5. Don’t expect yourself to do everything at once. Baby steps win the race…although there is no race here, only the gift of love to blossom in your heart more fully through your writing.
  6. Allow yourself to have fun, to be amazed, to sparkle, and shine, and cry and lament…whatever you’re feeling, let it all out. That’s exactly what this course is all about!
  7. Know that you are surrounded in love every step of the way. I have asked that this entire program be blessed for your healing, so know that you are not alone, that you are so loved and cherished for everything you are.
  8. May you allow your light to shine more fully, that you may be more guided from within and feel more connected to yourself every step of the way. You are radiant, no matter how it may feel on any given day, so I invite you to treat yourself as such and know that many blessings will be unfolding for you along the way.
  9. Set aside some quiet time to write each day. Writing is most powerful when we allow ourselves to get into a habit. Even 10-15 minutes can go a long way to helping you feel more connected and secure from the inside out. You are worth dedicating this time to help support your heart through it’s healing and expansion process.


Here’s your program:

Simply enter the password: bravesoul for any of the program pages listed below. Enjoy! 🙂


Getting Started: Writer’s Oath

Create your very own intention and purpose statement for the course: your promises to your self. Acknowledge what you’d like to give yourself permission for, and what you’d like to heal, create, or release throughout the course of the program.

This sets the stage for all that will unfold and is one of the most magical parts of the journey. (And freeing, too!)




creating your writer’s oath


Week 1: Letters without Limits

Allow your heart to be freed and expressed, with any feelings or thoughts that need to get out. Nourish yourself with the power of your own love and find strength to move forward into the process.




letters without limits notes page

reflections sheet #1


Week 2: Spontaneous (or Whimsical) Quick Writes

Discover the power of letting go of perfection to allow your heart to flow onto the page. See the magic that is born with a special exercise to create something stunning and beautiful, in just minutes!




spontaneous quick writes notes page

quick write brainstorm

reflections sheet #2


Week 3: Fun with Feelings

Take your current way of looking at feelings and flip it on it’s head with this creative way of approaching and gaining insight from your feelings and emotions.




fun with feelings notes page

character descriptions _ emotion paragraphs

reflections sheet #3


Week 4: Dynamic Descriptions

Learn how the symbols of your story may have deeper significance than you realize. Dive into playing with what they mean and allow your heart and story to shine because of your discoveries.




dynamic descriptions notes page

dynamic descriptions_ objects

reflections sheet #4


Week 5: The Power of Purpose

What is at the heart of your story? Discovering this will help you to infuse that larger purpose into every nook and cranny of your story, celebrating it’s significance in your own personal story and life.




the power of purpose notes page

power of purpose t-chart

reflections sheet #5


Week 6: The Scenes of Your Story

Learn how to set your story in scenes, that help to ground and anchor the wisdom that you share within your story, and all that it truly means within your heart.




the scenes of your story notes page

reflections sheet #6


Week 7: Recognize and Release Trauma or Regret

Allow for the acknowledgement of all that you have been through within these exercises, and how it informs the story you tell. Be prepared to help free yourself from the long held burdens within your heart.




recognize and release notes page

reflections sheet #7


Week 8: Shine it up & Share

Allow your masterpiece to shine and celebrate all you’ve created and everything you’ve learned throughout the course. I’m so proud of you already, and I know you will be, too!




shine it up and share notes page

reflections sheet #8


How did things go?

I’d love to hear about any insights you had while writing your way through the program.

How are you feeling? How have things shifted since you began your writing?

I’d love to hear all about it, especially any breakthroughs or loving, heartfelt stories.

Or if you feel you could use some extra support, what might that look like?

Simply email me at coachingwithcaitlin@gmail.com and let me know.

I’d love to hear from you.

Much love to you, now and forever,