Create. Heal. Inspire.

Still She Sings is all about, creativity, healing and inspiration.


A life, moments, memories, works of art, sing a song, tell a story, write in a journal. Whatever you feel creatively inspired to do from the heart — do it! Let your song out to sing.



As you create, feel and acknowledge, and appreciate the healing you feel within you. Notice and recognize the healing waters of grief, or trauma, or tribulation. Feel the power within your expand as you create from your sacred heart and allow yourself to heal.



Yourself. Others. Everyone you meet along the way. All that is created through your heart will bless the world in the most magnificent way. So whether you share your art and creations directly or whether you grace the world with your radical presence — we will know. And we’ll be grateful for your song.


Thanks for singing along with us!


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I hope this gives you a good start, and I’ll look forward to connecting soon. šŸ™‚

May your life be abundantly blessed.

Much love,