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A collection of gifts from my heart to yours…

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Much love to you, now and always,


Delicate grace image

A collection of blessings I created called Delicate Grace.

It’s a collection that I hope will be a soft spot for you to land and hear some of the whispers from within your heart.

There’s plenty of blank space on each page to journal with your own thoughts as you desire.

Sending you much love and hoping this may be a blessing for you~

I just simply adore blessings!

And it is my honor to share these with you.

Download here: Delicate Grace

Self lift prompts image

Some uplifting journal prompts from back in the day (my old blog) called Self-Lift Prompts.

It’s a collection of journal prompts you can sit down with anytime to instantly help yourself cut through any of the clutter in your thinking so you feel more joyful and free. Setting yourself free from the expectations and pressures that you feel have been placed on you, either by yourself or others, is the fastest way to start feeling brighter and more alive again! And when you feel alive, you just feel joyful, do you not?!

I hope you enjoy.

They may look simple. But do not be deceived…when put into practice, they are powerful.

Download here: Self-Lift Prompts