Hi, my name is Caitlin.

And I believe in a world where all are filled with peace and joy.

I help support the creation of this in the world by…

Offering writing classes and programs to support women in unlocking and understanding their inner truth. Uncovering and expressing what their hearts want to share through their stories. (You can learn about my signature program here.)

Writing on my blog, sharing ordinary moments that captivate me and help me feel connected to all that is good, filled with love, and all that’s extraordinary in the world.

And coaching women in one-on-one soul-filled conversations that lead to greater insight and peace through writing…a sense of being grounded while also feeling light and free.

In my own life, this means making plenty of time for snuggles with my cute little dog Dino, eating healthy food and creating a lifestyle that allows me the ease and freedom I deserve.  (And that you deserve, too!)

Here’s a picture of my cute little Dino…

Dino bright eyes

Moai kissingI also love to travel and have an affinity for all thing sacred.

Sacred places like Easter Island and the cathedrals and palaces of Spain are among some of my favorites. I love the connection to the richness of the history there and the connection to something larger than myself.

I also feel this connection in singing, writing, and all forms of creative expression, as well as connecting with nature.

Nature has become one of the cornerstones in my own physical healing and is an essential part of supporting my overall sense of well-being.

sorbet rose

If you’re new, WELCOME! 🙂

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Much love to you