It’s okay to dream the dreams you dream. {A little love note}

It’s okay to start where you are. It’s okay to allow yourself to move forward with what calls to you to do. You do not need to be held back by small mistakes of the past, or a fear or doubt that you cannot do it.

Know that you are worthy of all that you dream of having in your life.

For me, I dreamed of sharing my grief journal, creating more journals with ease. Publishing them on Amazon, being a published and well-loved and celebrated author.

I always dreamed of this. Even in past visions or meditations, and beautiful ideas for children’s books.

It has always been a dream of mine, but one I’ve held so close and near, afraid to name in case it doesn’t come true.

It’s okay to name what you want.

It’s okay to dream the dreams you dream.

Without your dreams, the world wouldn’t be the same, the fairies and fireflies couldn’t dance in the midnight’s sky.

Your dreams are beautiful. They help make you who you are.

And all that you are is your dreams coming true.

When have you ever had a dream come true, that it brought you to life the moment it was fulfilled?

For me, it was visiting Easter Island. The very experience of that dream coming true, standing there along the ocean’s shore, breathing in the fresh salty air and feeling the sunshine on my skin…

I danced with delight on the inside and it put the biggest smile on my face.

You are worthy of your dreams coming true.

Allow them to give you energy, not like a bag of rocks weighing you down.

Anytime you feel like a bag of rocks or a ton of bricks are weighing you down — stop and feel inside, if those rocks or bricks are really yours.

For you know the dream you dream is yours, when it makes you feel light and happy and free.

Not weighed down with fears or anticipation of judgments or what others think.

This is not your responsibility. It’s okay to set those rocks down.

That’s what I wish I could go back and tell my former self — and even what I’m still learning right here, right now — today.

Is to let the rocks of expectations go, and trade them in for freedom instead.

So what would feel like the most freeing thing for you today?

I’ve found that when I focus on freedom, and what feels nurturing and loving for me to do, usually leads to the greatest rewards — the greatest surprises, and unfoldings and synchronicities.

This is likely true for you too, and I wish I could tell that past version of myself the same.

That you don’t to have it all figured out right away — that it’s okay to take steps into the unknown. And that it’s okay if others don’t understand.

You know what’s true for you. You know the brilliance that you hold within your hands — your life, your love, they are but treasures to be found, as you follow the voice from within.

Allow her to guide you — that sweet, most innocent and pure, delighted version of yourself.

And she’ll carry you all the way home.

Sending you infinite love & blessings, today, and this week~

P.S. If you’d like to join us for our Virtual Tea Party tomorrow, reach out here and let me know! I’ll make sure to send you an email with all the details.

Make some tea, bring your journal and let’s connect!

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 1st at 3 pm PST…


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