Brave Soul

Walking through fire.

​The quotation in my planner today reads:

“If you’re going through Hell, keep going.”

Winston Churchill

I used to love this quotation.  A lon​​g time ago it made me laugh, it gave me a way to approach my life and the huge challenges with a bit of humor. And it was a way for me to, even if only subtly at first, recognize and acknowledge, and then accept my pain.

You see, the only way to make it to the other side of our pain, is to walk straight through it.

Not to ignore it, deny it — but face it. Head on.

Now this is more difficult to do than it might seem. It sounds simple enough.

But like so many of the simple tasks in life, the simple lessons, the simple actions or habits — they’re often not so easy.

Simple and profound. Easy? Maybe.

Maybe not.

Either way, it is by walking into and through the fire that we find the peace and freedom that getting to the other side of our trial brings.

And I would argue that it isn’t so much about getting to the other side — being in a place without the fire — that brings us peace.

But it’s who we have become by walking through that fire that gives us the peace we crave.

When we get to the other side, it is in knowing that we can do it. That we can face whatever life throws our way.

That no matter what we can always look to the light. And that God and the Angels will be there for us and guiding us along the way.

No matter what.

It’s about facing the things we can’t change. And allowing them to transform us. So that when we make it to the other side, we have freedom.

Not the freedom of peace. Or absence of trial.

But the freedom of fire. The freedom that comes from allowing the fire to burn away anything you don’t need — all the layers of who you thought you were and who you used to be, in order to make room for who you become.

Because who you become, that beautiful golden seed within you now, as it begins to blossom, will only sprinkle out little bits of confetti and love in celebration as you shine.

When you reclaim your voice. When you reclaim your place. All of Heaven smiles.

Just like I am smiling for you now.

So whatever challenges or trials you face today, know that whatever the fire is burning away is only to help reveal the most magnificent being that you already are.

Hold yourself close in the pain. Whisper kind words of compassion to yourself in your suffering.

And know that you are being created, molded, into something far greater than you could ever imagine — the purest essence of you.

And you, my darling, are the most radiant soul in all the earth.

And I’m so proud of you.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep walking through your fire, so that when you reach the other side, you will smile, with peace and satisfaction with how you have emerged — transformed.

You can do this.

You are a brave soul. I’ve got you and I believe in you every step of the way.

Much love to you always,


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