Writing as Healing

To me, writing is medicine.

To me, writing is medicine.

It’s like a warm cup of tea or a soft blanket draped around your shoulders in a moment you need it most.


It’s also the crisp breeze or burst of fresh air on a cool fall day.

Or the warm sunlight as it streams through the window and puts a smile across your face.


To me, writing is everything.

It’s how I explore, it’s how I learn.


It’s how I uncover what’s important to me.

It’s how I discover who I am.


I get to know myself, I support myself, I learn from myself.

I grow, I expand, I contract, and I grow.


It’s all a process.

And writing makes it possible.


Writing gives us a map. A journey for the excavation of all that matters most to our souls.


In fact, it’s how I connect to my very soul.


I find her on the page.

That’s where I know she’ll always be there for me– to guide me, to lead me back home again whenever I get lost. To offer comfort and insights and grace.


She’s there for me no matter what–

Through thick and thin

Through peace and storms.


She’s always there waiting.


All I need to do is pick up a pen and find a blank page

To write.


And just like that,

I come home again.


What helps you find your way home again?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


Much love and namaste~


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