My place of peace.

Soft pink with delicate purple, and layers of periwinkle fill the sky.

I watch as the sun rises, my body steady–sitting on a step at the center of the hostel grounds.

I can feel the cool concrete underneath my legs. The sunlight warming my face.

I spread manjar (also known as dulce de leche) on the pita bread my friend and I had brought with us for breakfast. I smile to myself, and think, “this is the life,” wishing this moment could last forever.

As a college student studying abroad in Chile I loved the way this caramel spread on bread was considered a respectable breakfast. It was so delicious! But more than that, I loved the way it was giving me an opportunity to make a dream come true.

Sitting on Easter Island…my place of peace.

Fast forward ten and a half years and I’m lying awake in bed with a clench in my stomach and chemical sensitivity stinging my nose.

This morning.

I ask for help. Ask to let the anger go, to be reunited with the peace that I know is me.

And I feel myself begin to soften. And I return to this place on Easter Island. Feeling it’s peace, it’s warmth…the belief that anything is possible.

I recognize, lying there, the ways visualization has been part of my life–the way it has helped me over the years.

I remember my dad talking about the way he’d visualize how he’d like things to go before a big meeting or presentation. And I remember listening to Olympian Amy Purdy share her story about visualizing herself so vividly out snowboarding that even while in the comfort of her own bed she could FEEL the stinging cold of the snow touching her feet.

We have the ability to create within us the lives we desire.

And there is nothing more powerful than circumstances we can’t change, to call you inward to a deeper knowing within yourself.

A knowing that you are free.

The ability to create something new, yes, but perhaps the more powerful place to start is to step into and re inhabit the moments of the past.

Memories of the past can haunt us, but they can also be medicine used for good.

To step into the memories, the moments that brought you peace…that feeling state is real. And the effect that it has on the body is too.

The moments we’ve lived, live within us.

And they’re ours to return to whenever we like.

So do you have a memory, a moment in time that you know brought you a feeling of peace, contentment, a warm satisfaction?

What if you remember that today…

What does it feel like to step into that moment and feel it once again…

Where are you? What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel?

Recreating this in your mind can bring innumerable health benefits…

But I believe in doing it for the love.

I’d love to hear about yours in the comments below, and…

May you feel yourself connected to this loving goodness today, this center of sacred peace that lives and dwells within you always.

Much love, and peace always,


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