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I offer coaching & writing classes for women. I believe that writing is the most powerful and effective tool we have to gain clarity & connect with our inner self. And it’s something everyone can do!

I’m offering classes and courses on a variety of topics that center around writing and the ways it can help make your life brighter. I hope to see you in a class soon!

Writing is a path of discovery, of discovering on the page that which you didn’t know you knew until you wrote it.

Charles Chinga

3 Powerful Ways to Keep a Gratitude Journal

In This Class…

You’ll learn 3 beautiful, powerful, and easy journaling techniques to help make your gratitude journaling more fruitful and ENJOYABLE. šŸ™‚

You’ll walk away with…

  • 3 Simple Journaling Techniques
  • A Clear Idea of Which Technique to Use and When
  • A Printable Guide with Instructions…to be Used Again & Again!
  • And a Sense of Connection & Community with the Other Women Who Join the Class. šŸ™‚

From Past Classes…

Thank you so much for the class today, it was fun and surprising and different.

Sylke L.

Thank you for Funky Emotion Paragraphs!

I walked through the questions again with a feeling of gladness that I had from an earlier coaching session. Her name was Lovely Loving Louise, and boy, did she have a lot to teach me! She showed me that Woeful Woebegone Wendy needs so much gentleness. Love brings that and it’s always available for the asking.

On another level, my sadness was in part about writing and my identity as a writer. Finding a new tool that used writing to move me past sadness also helped me reframe my relationship to the written word. Whole ‘nother dimesion of healing!

Nanette R.