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I’m so glad you found your way to my cozy corner of the web where we use writing as a tool for remembering our wings and finding the courage to sing, and share our own unique songs with the world.

Have you ever wondered what your emotions are trying to tell you?

Do you enjoy writing and journaling as a form of healing and self-expression?

Are you curious how you might be able to approach your life in a more light-hearted way that brings insight and freedom and ease?

If so, you’re going to love this exercise I’ve created for you.

Take your current way of looking at feelings and flip it on it’s head with this creative way of approaching and gaining insight from your feelings and emotions with Funky Emotion Paragraphs.

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Here’s what others are saying:

Thank you for Funky Emotion Paragraphs!

I used the exercise on sadness I was feeling. Her name was Woeful Woebegone Wendy, and she could not get out of her sad place. She gave me great insight into where I get really stuck in my life and why I get so stuck.

After listening to the caller who explained that she had done the exercise on a positive emotion, I wanted to do that, too. So I walked through the questions again with a feeling of gladness that I had from an earlier coaching session. Her name was Lovely Loving Louise, and boy, did she have a lot to teach me! She showed me that Woeful Woebegone Wendy needs so much gentleness. Love brings that and it’s always available for the asking.

On another level, my sadness was in part about writing and my identity as a writer. Finding a new tool that used writing to move me past sadness also helped me reframe my relationship to the written word. Whole ‘nother dimension of healing!

-Nanette R.

Thank you so much for the class today, it was fun and surprising and different.

I wanted to share my synthesis with you, and you are very welcome to use it for future classes, even though it turned out to be more than one paragraph:
Excited Snow-White Lucy was born when my father started making up stories from random words that I threw at him. She was re-born when I read The Artist’s Way 30 years later. I understood that not only was I permitted to write, but I was supposed to.
She eats words for breakfast, and after those luscious, moist words turn into ideas in her stomach, she puts on her red stilettos and goes out into the world to find joy with her best friend, Frederick. Frederick the dog has a knack for finding joy in everything, but mud puddles are his favorite. Especially when Excited Snow-White Lucy jumps in them with her red stilettos.
Wherever she goes, she brings her mirror. By looking into it, she can see her true self. She loves holding it in front of other people, too, so that they may see who they truly are and where they may find their excitement. Mirrors, are her secret, in fact. She can spark excitement in anyone, who dares to find her. She can be found by looking into any mirror and saying the words: „Hey darling, what do you want to be today?“

-Sylke L.

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About Caitlin:


Caitlin Sanders is a writer and life coach who uses her skills and education as a teacher to help women tell their stories in a way that brings insight and freedom.

She believes that our stories hold great power to transform the way we live our lives and the way we see the world.

She shares some of her own stories here on the blog with hopes that it will inspire other sensitive souls to play with writing and sharing their own stories.

She believes that writing and creativity have the power to heal our hearts and the world by inspiring one person at a time…beginning with ourselves.

Reach out with any insights, questions, or positive comments you may have by emailing her at