Caitlin’s Favorite Things

Below you’ll find a collection of some of the things I love…some are created by me, and some are created by people and companies I adore.

I receive a small commission on anything you purchase, whether created by me through a design site, or through an affiliate link.

Please know that I only recommend things that I truly love, and use every day…and that I think can help make your life more beautiful too. 🙂

Still She Sings Easter Island Mug

{with blessings of peace}

Easter Island Mug


Apica Spiral Notebook 

{Seriously the smoothest paper I’ve ever written on.}

Apica spiral


Big Dipper Wax Works Tea Lights

This company in Seattle has the best story! And I love their candles because pure beeswax is the cleanest option when it comes to burning candles. Instead of releasing toxins into the air they can actually help to purify it. (I love the pure beeswax Beehive candle the best, but the tea lights are delightful too!)

Big Dipper tea lights.png