Nature Activities

Pile of Leaves:

Find a spot where there are lots of leaves if it is Fall.

Rake or use your arms to scoop as many of them together as possible.

Now sit and look at your pile.

How many leaves are there do you think?

Does it look like a small, medium, or large sized pile? How do you know? Could you create a larger pile? Could you create a smaller one?

Notice all of the different colors and shapes of the leaves.

What colors do you see? Red? Orange? Brown? Are some still a little bit green, perhaps with a little bit of a peeking through yellow? Or maybe there’s one that’s pure as sunlight gold!

Whatever colors you see, take note.

Now look at the shapes. What shapes do you see? Are there edges that are jagged, or smooth? Are they rounded or making big star shapes it may look like with their arms?

Now notice the texture. How does this impact the shape? Does the shape change if it is starting to dry and crinkle?

What if it was wet and laying out flat?

Are all of the leaves the same texture? Feel them with your hands? Are some more crinkly and others more smooth?

Does the color make any difference?

Play with sorting as many piles as you like to try to figure out. Or create an experiment all of your own!

I hope you have fun and make sure to write or draw, or even paint about what you find.

A dedicated Nature Notebook can be a very good friend. 🙂

Looking up at a Tree:

Find a spot where you can lie on the ground and look up at a tree.

Make sure your back is lying flat on the ground as much as possible so you can see as clearly as possible looking up at this tree from your new vantage point.

How does it look?

What do you see?

What shape do the branches take as they fan out? Are they all clustered together? Do they form a spiral shape, or do they fan out, each branch just leading to the next and then the next?

What about the leaves…

What do they look like?

What shape do they take?

How do they form themselves on the branches?

What color are they? And are they all the same, or do some look a bit different the way they dance or hang on the tree?

What do you notice about how you feel inside?

How has this new view shifted your perspective of what a tree might look like?

Is it the same as if you were standing on the ground and just looked up at the tree with your eyes?

How is your perspective different?

What unique characteristics do you find?

What surprises you? What delights you?

What new secrets do you find?

Make sure to take time to write down any of your thoughts or feelings, your reflections from looking up at a tree this way in your Nature Explorer’s Notebook!

It will be so fun to look back on later. And you can even make a quick sketch of how the tree looks from down here. The shape of the leaves or how the tree looks different to you…Bonus points for doing a drawing of it from a different angle as well, that way you can really see the difference!

I hope you had fun today and that you keep making time to explore the nature and the many trees and animals that are all around you.

Blowin’ in the Wind:

Find a spot on a day where there is some wind, a nice breeze passing by, to watch the way the trees and leaves move as the wind touches them.

Notice the different kinds of trees around you.

Are their leaves the same shape? Or are they different?

How do they look to you? Whether the same or different, describe it the best you can in your own words, even if only in your mind.

Now notice the way they move.

Does the shape of the leaf or the kind of tree that it belongs to affect the way the leaves move?

Do some dance?

Do some wave?

How do they make you feel? Is each kind of movement unique?

Describe it in your own words, how do you feel watching these leaves?

Take in a deep breath and really allow yourself to feel the wind.

How does it feel against your skin?

How do you think it feels to be the tree?

What do you think it would feel like to be a leaf on that tree? Flying free, or dancing in the air? Still connected to the branch.

Does it look scary? Or does it look fun?

What do you think?

Knowing your opinion is completely and uniquely yours.

Write about whatever you find today. Whatever discoveries you make, whatever treasure you find deep inside.

And I hope it felt good to connect with the trees in this way.

I hope it was reassuring for you and helps you to continue to want to play.

Make sure to record anything fun in your Nature Journal and come back again for some more Nature Play another day!

Trees all Shapes and Sizes:

Find a spot where you are surrounded by some different kinds of trees.

Notice how different they might look…

How are they different?

How are they the same?

Is it their shape? Their color? Their texture?

What do you notice.

Now do your best to find two trees that you think look very different from each other.

How do they look different?

Is either one better than the other?

Now find two trees that are the same. (Hint: You can always find two trees that are the same or have something in common because trees will ALWAYS have one thing the same…they’re trees!!)

But aside from that silly fact, I’m smiling here with you. 🙂

What do you notice? What about them looks the same?

Do they have the same color trunk? The same color leaves? Maybe the leaves look a little bit different but they move in a different way.

Can you tell which ones are evergreens? And which ones are the ones with leaves that fall?

Do you know what these are called? Deciduous.

Now how do they look different from the evergreens if you can see one of both or one or more of each?

What if you only see trees of one kind–how do they look the same?

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at some trees today.

Challenge: Try making a leaf rubbing in your Nature Journal, and Bonus if you can do one from each kind of tree: An evergreen and one deciduous. Then writing about the differences or similarities that you find.

What makes them unique? What do they have in common?

I hope you’ll have fun with this today and that you’ll come and join me again for another Nature Activity again soon!