Journaling has been at the heart of my self-care practice for years.

So I decided it was time to begin sharing that joy, the peace, clarity, confidence and love that I find in writing.

Comfort, solace, grace — these are all things I find when I write. They begin to unfold the moment you put your pen to the page with a genuine willingness to listen. To your own heart, to your own mind, to your own inklings of what feels true for you, and perhaps what doesn’t.

Many of us know the benefit of journaling, and yet, something stops us from beginning.

I created this collection of journals with the hope of clearing the gap between just thinking it might be nice or beneficial or helpful to write, and actually doing it. That way you can begin experiencing more of its healing magic for yourself.

My other hope is that they help you remember your wings, and that you begin to soar higher than you ever dreamed possible!

So check them out, and let me know what you think. I’m here for you!

Featured Journals

Hopes & Joys

Miracles happen when you write about your hopes & joys. These questions help expand the goodness in your life & bring more smiles your way. 🙂

Prayers of Peace

Prayers are powerful. Allow the promts in this journal guide you in writing prayers for and receiving more peace & miracles in your life!

Crysallis Calling

A simple grief journal to help you or a loved one begin writing down some thoughts and feelings in a gentle way after losing a loved one.

Kind Words

Caitlin, this is amazing…YOU are AMAZING!

Jennifer F.

Your voice is so kind, so gentle, so supportive. I feel held by you as I read through it.