Dream Analysis

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Do you have a recurring dream, and you’ve always wondered what it means?

Have you had other dreams that are interesting, and feel like they just have to mean something?

Do you have an interest or curiosity in the nature of dreams and the meaning or messages they might hold for us?


If so, then the Dream Analysis coaching session is for you!

Instead of a traditional method where someone interprets the dream FOR you….

This is a collaborative process we’ll walk through TOGETHER in order to uncover and interpret a dream of your choice.


What you get:

A one-on-one coaching session to interpret a dream of your choice

A recording of your session (this is optional — you’ll have a choice at the beginning of the call.)

Session notes that outline the exact details and meaning that arise for each symbol in your dream


This is not for you if:

You’d like someone to just tell you what your dream means.

You’re expecting the result to give you any sort of concrete answer about anything in your life.

You’re not open to the exploration of whatever meaning this dream may hold for you.

You’re not willing to participate in a collaborative process in order to uncover and unfold the meaning of your dream.


But if you’re curious to see what meaning, messages and insights your dream may hold, you can schedule your session now!

Surprising, and thoughtful, these sessions are sure to go fast.


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*After purchasing, send an email with a short description of your dream (about a paragraph long) to: coachingwithcaitlin@gmail.com.