Coaching Sessions for Gentle Souls

Gentle Souls

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or filled with anxiety?

Are you a kind-hearted person who is open to self-discovery and likes to learn more about yourself through the evens that happen in your life?

Do you like writing or are curious how writing can help you connect more deeply with yourself?

Are you someone who wants the best for everyone on the planet — always putting others first — and now want an opportunity to turn the focus inward to offer some love, support and nurturing to yourself?


If so, then these coaching sessions are for you!

With each session, you’ll receive:

  • A 45 – 60 min coaching session with me that includes any combination of the following: writing exercises, coaching, journal prompts, guided meditations, visualizations, nature and creativity explorations
  • A recording of your session
  • And a follow up email to check in to see how you’re doing in the week following your appointment
  • A chance to ask any questions you like or receive more support


Past clients have reported feeling…

  • Clear
  • More relaxed
  • Grounded and lighter at the same time
  • Uplifted, free, empowered
  • Inspired to make time for themselves and make self care a priority


If you’d like to experience more of the things listed above…

Or if you are curious how the tools I bring together as a teacher, writer and life coach can support you, then I invite you to schedule a FREE Tea & Chat session below.


I so look forward to talking with you!

You can book your FREE session here.


Then, if you’d like to continue…

How it works:

Simply click the link below to schedule your session and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours with a payment link to secure your spot.

Schedule your session.

*If you don’t see a time open that works for you, please feel free to email me at to let me know what time WOULD work great for you, and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate you.


Looking forward to it!

In the meantime, sending lots of love and many blessings your way~