Coaching with Caitlin

Coaching is like that first moment of warmth as you feel the sunlight start to rest upon your face with a natural and healing glow.

It is the moment you feel heard, understood, valued; and your heart opens, your chest expands, and your shoulders relax.

You feel grounded. You feel secure.

You feel known.

This is the place from which I believe we can go forward into our lives with the greatest sense of confidence and ease.

We all need a sense of love and belonging. A place to feel heard and understood.

And if you’re a sensitive soul like me, this can be hard to find out there in the “regular world.”

People just don’t get it. They have a different set of experiences, a different way of perceiving the world.

But I see your beauty.

I see the power in your pain, and the courage in every tear you’ve cried.

And I believe you are strong.

I know it in my very bones, because this is the path I’ve learned to walk, also.

Being a sensitive person in today’s world is not easy.

But we are so needed, and our gifts and our services and our perceptions of the world — the opportunity to bring a deeper truth to light and to shine a new light on the goodness that is already here, are all things we naturally possess.

May I ask you a question?

When was the last time you really focused on YOU?

When was the last time you let someone sit with you and really allow yourself to feel heard?

When was the last time you felt like your life — and every experience and emotion within it — mattered?

This is the gift of coaching. At least from where I sit, with my own unique perspective — this is where the greatest value comes from, the place from which the greatest healing springs forth and the greatest transformation occurs.

It all begins and ends with the LOVE.

The love of being seen. The love of being heard. The love of being valued and the love of being KNOWN.

You are worthy of this. You are worthy of this experience. And I’d love to talk with you — share a cup of virtual tea and talk about your life. Talk about what’s troubling you and where you can find some relief. We’ll talk about your goals or your dreams, or anything that helps you feel alive, deep inside.

Whatever calls to you, there we will go.

And we will do it — together.

Would you like to talk?

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