Coaching Services

Whether you’re feeling stuck with a current book project, or have a book you want to write, but don’t know where to start…

You Need 3 Things:

  • A Clear Vision, with an easy way to return to it, and adapt it as needed, throughout the process
  • Practical Action Steps (that actually WORK for YOU, and fit your life right now)
  • Someone in Your Corner… to cheer you on, and help work through things when challenges arise (because it happens to everyone!)

I can help you with all three.

In the Monthly Coaching Support Package, you can:

  • Select from TWO – 75 minute sessions, or THREE – 50 minute sessions each month 
  • Receive ongoing email support during the week (I’m available to check in with clients daily Monday through Friday.)
Get your feet wet for one month to get a jump-start on a new project,
check-in to get help with the Messy Middle,
or stay for as long as you need to until your book is DONE.
Whichever feels right to you, I promise to show up with enthusiasm & dedication to support you in a way that will make your writing process feel filled with magic and ease. It happens EVERY time!

Honestly you are REMARKABLE !! I feel SO relieved and I can’t thank you enough.  Good gosh woman that was FULL ON MAGIC!!!  Thank you!

Josette E.

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*After completing your purchase, you’ll receive an email from me to schedule your sessions. So exciting! (Happy dance!)

Not sure which might work best for you?

Sign Up for a Complimentary 1:1 “Write From the Heart Session,”
where I’ll help guide you to a decision that feels right for YOU.

You’ll Walk Away from the Session with:

  1. A Good Feel for Where You Are On the Map of the Writing Process
  2. What to Focus on Next to Get You to the Next Spot on the Map
  3. AND 1-2 Ideas You Can Implement Right Away to Get Your Writing Flowing with Ease and Joy (Really!)

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