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Caitlin, this is amazing!! YOU are AMAZING!! I am meditating on each page. I couldn’t wait and go day by day b/c I was so anxious to read all ‘my’ blessings at once. 🙂
Love you bunches!!! xoxo

-Jennifer F., Missouri

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I still remember the day, sometime last year,

when I felt a tug within my heart and my eyes welled up with tears–

I’d noticed the thread,

that flowed throughout my years.

I love blessings.

And I’ve come to believe that’s part of why I’m here.

To write blessings, to speak blessings.

To breathe them in, to send them out.

So I put together this collection for you, that I’ve decided I’d like to share!

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Want a Personalized Blessing Written JUST for YOU?

If you’d love to have something to read, treasure and hold near to bring blessings and insight and love to surround something you’re going through in your life right now…

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What you get:

  • A 3-paragraph typed blessing written just for you to bring blessings for whatever you’re going through (delivered by email)
  • A free 60-minute coaching session to talk through anything that came up for you as you read your blessing


Because you deserve to feel all of the healing love that is here for you. To feel less alone, to feel comforted, and adored. And to receive blessings for whatever you’re facing in your life right now. My hope is to help you feel more uplifted, connected, and loved.

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