Angel Readings

Introducing… $12 Angel Readings


Would you like support for an area of your life where you’re feeling stuck right now?

Are you curious what messages the angels might have for you at this time?

If yes…

Then you’re going to LOVE these $12 Angel Readings!


For just $12, you’ll receive:

  • A 10 minute audio recording of a 3 card reading just for you.
  • A follow-up email for any added support you may need.


On your recording, I will:

  1. Read the message for each card.
  2. Share any additional insights or imagery that come to mind to go with each of the messages of what the angels are wanting you to know at this time.
  3. Send you with any extra bonus loving messages I feel inspired to share.


Is this for you?

  • Do you love angels?
  • Are you curious about what support and messages and blessings might be available for you right now from the Angelic Realm?
  • Would you love to feel more supported with your dreams, or with any aspect of your daily life that is feeling sticky or challenging right now?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then…

YES, this CLARITY & CONNECTION Angel Reading is for YOU!


You’ll leave feeling more:

  • Peaceful
  • Calm
  • Connected
  • And loved…
  • You are so supported, and infinitely loved by all of the angels!


The only question left is…

Is it worth $12 to feel more peaceful, clear, calm, comforted, and connected around a situation you’re facing in your life right now?


If so, then order here and your Angel Reading will be on it’s way to you within 24 hours!




Still not sure?

Feel free to email me at with any questions…

Angel Readings usually include a costly investment, and blocking off time on your calendar to meet with someone to give you your reading.

Not with this.

Here, you can simply type your issue or challenge or whatever it is you are intending for your reading in a text box, and receive your Angel Reading Audio straight to your email inbox within 24 hours!



  • Having your reading available to listen to again and again, bringing you more blessings, and insight and support each time you listen (and even meditate with your higher self on the messages you receive)
  • Being able to listen to and receive your reading from anywhere … at any time, and any place!
  • Knowing how infinitely loved and supported you are…and that blessings and guidance can be ushered in for you with ease.


…All it take is the click of a button to sign up.




May you be blessed and held in so much love, in every single way today.

Much love,



P.S. If you still feel a little hesitant know that I am offering a 10 day money back guarantee if you feel your reading was not worth the $12 investment.

P.S.S. You are so worth it. If you feel an inkling of a yes, a little slice of peace from reading this, sign up for your CLARITY ANGEL READING HERE.



By signing up to purchase a reading from Still She Sings, you are agreeing that you take full responsibility for your choices and life, and recognize that readings etc. are for entertainment purposes only and are not meant as a substitute for professional advice in whatever area you are seeking.

By purchasing your reading, you agree that Still She Sings will not be held liable for anything that does or does not happen in your reading, or for any choices you make as a result of your reading.


The Archangel Oracle Cards that I use for these readings, as well as further information about the 3 card spread, can be found at ARCHANGELSBLESS.COM.