Glory & Grace

Today, I contemplate forgiveness — and what it means to look at our past with kind eyes. Through eyes of love.

What do we do when everything in us is screaming that things could have, or should have gone differently?

We hold that screaming little child. We reassure her. We listen to her. We hear her.

But it’s not enough just to listen, we must really hear and respond and offer compassion with all the love that we are.

And in doing so, perhaps we become more of our truest selves.

Because the more we love, the more we are connected to the core of our being — the truest, most radiant and radically authentic expression of ourselves possible.

And this is what I dream of being possible for the world. That one day all people will live from their hearts the way the animals and plants do.

That they will see the kindness in other humans and in the world, by allowing their own kindness to shine through, too.

How glorious and gorgeous would the world be if all her people stood in unison, singing the same beautiful harmony of peaceful glow and infinite flow. The song of our Creator, the song of the Divine, the song of God in Heaven who watches over us in love.

I don’t say this in a Christian way, in a Muslim way, in a Hindu way, in a Jewish way…I say it in the name of Love. The love that binds us together, and the love that pulls us through.

The love that holds an ever-gleaming power of hope, even when all seems lost. Perhaps, especially when all seems lost.

It is the love that shows us that we’re never alone. That we’re watched over and guided with care.

It is a love that lives within. That may be blocked, but may never be taken.

This love is yours, dear one.

You have it within you always.

Like a distant island with waves rippling onto the shore gently in union, staggered, but the same. Unique but familiar. This is like God’s love for you. An ever present love beyond anything you can even imagine.

You must feel it to know it is true.

And once you do, everything changes.

Sunlight becomes brighter, the grass becomes greener — you see the sparkling dew in a spider’s web and it brings you to tears of awe, connected to its beauty, within this power that is larger than yourself.

Somehow everything’s worth it. All the pain, the suffering, the anguish, the tears. The broken hearts, the raging thoughts, the seemingly never-ending turmoil and struggle.

Now here, cleared through adversity — the beauty of a single tear, to find that all of the struggle and pain… brought you here. To this moment. To a moment filled with more beauty than could fill a thousand lifetimes.

And all of a sudden you feel privileged, you feel worthy, you feel holy. You feel so grateful to be alive — to be filled with love. 

Grateful and humbled to BE the very life you are. 

To live life and to be life is the greatest privilege of Love dancing in form. Love dancing to the rhythm of life, swaying with the trees, dancing with the fireflies, a newborn baby bird or butterfly, spreading her wings for the first time. 

The courage, the flight — the timidness, the fear. All overcome by the power of… you guessed it — Love.

Allow the Love to shine through you today in every little thing that you do.

With the kind words you say to a friend, a thank you note you write to a relative for a recent birthday gift.

In the moments you spend quietly, and with a soft and gentle awareness, petting your dog’s soft downy fur as he rests upon your lap.

These are the moments of glory. These are the moments of grace.

And these are the moments I believe here. These are the reasons for which we came.

We came to this earth to soak it up and breathe it in. And to offer our Love in return.

How will you show your love today? How will you be the love you came to bring?

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